sparkCHINA came about after being invited by Jan to do consultancy work in Xiamen in 2015.  She and I had come together through the English spark software after visiting my kindergartens, and… READ MORE

sparkCHINA embeds the EYFS curriculum by working with the EYFS Areas of Learning, the aspects within these and the Characteristics of Effective Learning.  This learning begins, with … READ MORE

When branching out to offer parents an alternative system, it is important to do it well and build a reputation. The award-winning English software, used by English kindergartens, have ALL … READ MORE

This question makes us smile.

Because often this question is asked before first fully understanding what there is to gain.  Especially so, if you sincerely… READ MORE

The short the answer is no, and I will explain! It may look like there is a lot to take on board … READ MORE

As a training tool, sparkCHINA supports all members of the team in delivering the curriculum regardless of their training or experience… Read more!