When branching out to offer parents an alternative system, it is important to do it well and build a reputation. The award-winning English software, used by English kindergartens, have ALL subsequently received the highest educational grades for their educational inspection (‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted). It provides a consistent delivery platform, aims to make processes efficient and sets standards for individual practitioners, teams and establishments.

Countries around the world seek the English EYFS curriculum. Play underpins the EYFS and strengthens learning and all aspects of children’s development. Research has proved that play is the best medium to develop children’s brain connections and to maximise potential. It is generally natural and spontaneous.

Countries that have a history associated with England have staff that speak English and, or easily, attract teachers from England. Therefore, they use the version of spark, used in England. Specially developed, sparkCHINA is designed for the Chinese market. Every page is bilingual, allowing educators working with the children to work together. Understanding that Chinese kindergartens are often working with experts from the UK, useful information can be gleaned from sparkCHINA to identify where there needs support and pinpoint training required.

The software mirrors the EYFS principles and supports an EYFS curriculum:

  • Celebrating that every child is unique who constantly are learning – sparkCHINA is constantly used to support the learning for each child as each will learn at different rates and in different ways.
  • Encouraging positive relationships – sparkCHINA sets out the EYFS ‘key person system’ and provides software for parents to use at home. In this way, all adults share information to assist children’s learning and development.   Staff are guided through making regular parent reports which are professional and accurate.
  • Helps your teams organise an enabling environment that is developmentally appropriate, interesting and sparks children’s interest to learn and develop.  With the graphs and charts, sparkCHINA provides, and educators can keep track to ensure all children are continually making good progress

sparkCHINA provides educators with features already organised for the EYFS. It is already organised and includes the seven Areas of Learning, the Development Matters Statements and the Characteristics of Effective Learning. These features support the educator who might have little understanding of these documents.

The software is generally used on tablets as practitioners work alongside the children. Educators will make observations and plan for each child’s future learning and developmental objectives, as the software automatically gives suggestions that are appropriate based upon the child’s progress so far.

It is the responsibility of the practitioners to support children according to their unique needs and spark supports them with this. They will work with individual children as they play within the learning environment the software will help them create. Practitioners will add activities for the children to choose from and will use sparkCHINA to ensure every child participating is given the resources and help for their current needs.

As practitioners and parents both assist the child’s learning and because the software is guiding adults with appropriate next learning steps that can be quickly achieved by the child – children are well stimulated and flourish.

All sparkCHINA users are supported in how to use the features within the software. This guidance includes a stage by stage approach to embrace features and best practice via short MP4 clips in sparkTUTOR. Additionally, consultants in England will help ensure everything is understood and the software’s full potential realised.

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