As a training tool, sparkCHINA supports all members of the team in delivering the curriculum regardless of their training or experience.  It works from a curriculum of next steps linked to the Development Matters Statements.  What’s more, you can monitor practice and pinpoint shortcomings for an HR discussion or what is needed in further training for individuals or teams.  The delivery of the curriculum becomes more consistently good and every day by everyone.  Even a trainee can use sparkCHINA effectively.

The software supports high quality presentations to parents and without management checking every observation.  This gives time back to management to do all those other things!

Observational information is shared with parents every day.   Parents are guided in offering information they may not have time to do a busy pickup/drop off times.  This supports your care and education of the child.  Parents are encouraged to get involved at home following the same next steps from sparkCHINA so there are 360° support for the child, added parent-child quality of time.  Consequently, parents are happy as they contribute and appreciate their child’s progress.

Through the software, sparkCHINA helps parents understand the EYFS too.  Parents have their software which ‘talks’ to the kindergarten’s sparkCHINA.  As they are actively involved, sparkCHINA helps parents understand their child’s learning and development needs.  It also encourages them to interact with the kindergarten around their child’s interests and scenarios at home.  Information like this helps kindergarten staff, as they are more knowledgeable about the child and can integrate the information when they plan the learning environment and plan activities.

Kindergartens in China have been using the software since October 2017.  We want to help you ‘get it right’.  We review what we do so sparkCHINA helps you do just that.  As we work with you, we think of new ideas.  As the EYFS in England is updated or we are aware of new research, we review sparkCHINA, and we always welcome suggestions to make things easier.

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