This question makes us smile.

Because often this question is asked before first fully understanding what there is to gain.  Especially so, if you sincerely wish to support your kindergarten team to follow the English EYFS.

Let’s begin with potential language barriers.  Where you employ or work with English speakers, in your kindergarten or abroad, sparkCHINA, as it is bilingual allows all parties to share information and work together without needing an interpreter.

There is a noticeable saving; on paper and ink from producing reports, planning learning and the evidence of each child’s learning and development; their EYFS observations.  Everything is downloadable and communicated digitally.  sparkCHINA allows practitioners/educators/practitioners to stay working with the children rather than taking time in an office to write all the EYFS documentation in a long-handed and less ‘smart’ way.  sparkCHINA, therefore, enables educators to know their key-children well, make secure relationships with them and as a consequence, support their learning and development competently.

sparkCHINA organises the EYFS for everyone.  It is a continual training tool as the software guides them through the EYFS framework as they work with the children.  They will be able to plan for each child following the suggestions sparkCHINA provides.  These learning aims are automatically recommended and based upon what the child has already achieved.  This guidance relieves a lot of the initial training, which would be a typical requirement for every member of the childcare team.

As children gain skills and knowledge, like cutting with scissors and working out how to use glue, sparkCHINA collates how the child is learning, known as the Characteristics of Effective Learning in the EYFS.  These ‘learning how to learn’ skills will support the child’s learning in school and the rest of their life.

Teachers/educators will be able to write comprehensive reports for parents, presented professionally, upholding your kindergarten’s reputation.  sparkCHINA also will provide educators and management swiftly with instant easy to decipher reports to evaluate individual and groups of children’s progress.  In turn, they should be able to discuss individual children in a detailed professional manner with parents.

Guided by sparkCHINA the adults working with the children will be able to evaluate their teaching strategies to ensure the children continue to make good progress.

Parent involvement is harnessed by you giving them software to use to support their child; this is spark@HOME.  There is an opportunity here for you to sell this on and make a profit.  spark@HOME works with sparkCHINA.  With parental involvement, our research has shown that children achieve much more.  Parents given the same appropriate suggested learning aims as the kindergarten through their spark@HOME can appreciate their child’s progress for themselves; enjoying daily achievements.

The families overall satisfaction will again uphold your kindergarten’s reputation and by ‘word of mouth’ bring new customers to you.  sparkCHINA collects data and usefully presents tools to showcase the kindergarten’s performance and indicates where improvements might be made.   sparkCHINA will allow precise consideration on possible improvements, to link expenditure to external consultants and trainers plus measure the impact of this afterwards.

The software is designed to help everyone to ‘get it right’.  For this consideration has to be given to everybody involved; to help these adults to ‘get it right’ too.  So, included in your price is an experienced spark consultant that will provide ongoing support to a member of your kindergarten team, until they are competent with the software.  That person will work with them alongside the MP4s in sparkTUTOR (which you will also have access to via sparkCHINA) to become the sparkEXPERT for your establishment and support your educators.

Our developers keep sparkCHINA up to date with best practice and as the EYFS is updated as these are changes made to the award-winning English spark software.

We aim to make everything as easy as possible.  Prices depend on your circumstances and the size of your kindergarten.  I invite you to contact Jan by email jan@eyfs-spark.com or WeChat.  Together you will be able to discuss the best price for your sparkCHINA and spark@HOME, including the initial training, support, access to sparkTUTOR and EYFS updates.

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