sparkCHINA came about after being invited by Jan to do consultancy work in Xiamen in 2015.  She and I had come together through the English spark software after visiting my kindergartens, and it was the natural way to go.

sparkCHINA gives educators, both English and Chinese speakers, guidance in delivering the English EYFS.  Every page can be switched between English and Chinese.  You can make reports in either language or as most are automated, generated in both.

sparkCHINA is based upon the award-winning English EYFS software.  The software began in an award-winning and rated ‘outstanding’ nursery group in England to support the adults in that business and began over 25 years ago.  However, sparkCHINA embraces the needs and culture of your Chinese market place.  It also, allows overseas kindergarten management, consultants and trainers (probably based in England) to support you from afar and on an ongoing basis.  Where that is the case, this permits back-up and expertise for your kindergarten as they can access valuable data and know the business needs; the training or support required.

As with the English spark software, sparkCHINA enables everyone daily to be jointly involved.  This practice reflects the EYFS principles that children learn best when they have built strong relationships and that parents should be fully involved.  The EYFS also recognises that all children are unique and learn at different rates, in different ways and with different things but also that no child should be left behind.   Within your kindergarten, educators/teachers/practitioners and parents are signposted to individual children’s learning objectives.  These formulated upon the child’s current learning and development.  They can record achievements quickly and assist in following through with new ones.  Furthermore, adults can track each child and groups of children to identify if there is a child who needs extra support.  Educators can also reflect on their ‘teaching’ methods and consider how to improve on these or change them to help the children.

All is simply organised under the seven EYFS learning areas and everything linked to the EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning.  Therefore, staff teams can facilitate the EYFS without any formal knowledge of the EYFS framework. 

Our consultants support kindergartens, via WeChat and email, with their software and link this to the EYFS so each kindergarten can fully benefit from the software and help deliver the curriculum as the EYFS dictates.  You will have access to sparkTUTOR.  sparkTUTOR provides all kindergarten staff with MP4s to assist with each software feature, both in English and Chinese.

Through the software, sparkCHINA helps parents understand the EYFS too.  Parents have their software which ‘talks’ to the kindergarten’s sparkCHINA.  As they are actively involved, sparkCHINA helps parents understand their child’s learning and development needs.  It also encourages them to interact with the kindergarten around their child’s interests and scenarios at home.  Information like this helps kindergarten staff, as they are more knowledgeable about the child and can integrate the information when they plan the learning environment and plan activities.

Kindergartens in China have been using the software since October 2017.  We want to help you ‘get it right’.  We review what we do so sparkCHINA helps you do just that.  As we work with you, we think of new ideas.  As the EYFS in England is updated or we are aware of new research, we review sparkCHINA, and we always welcome suggestions to make things easier.


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