Insights nursery is based in Shenzhen, the high technology hub in China. The nursery is located in the Nanshan District next to Alibaba, China’s equivalent of Amazon and now the world’s largest retailer and e-commerce company.

Jan Lake met the nursery’s owner, Yu in London. Yu had been studying in the UK, and wanted to run a UK-style nursery in Shenzhen.

Yu understood the importance of the first three years of life for a child’s development, and had spotted that there was a missing element in this regard in the Chinese educational system.

With her ideals in mind, she decided to bring the UK’s early childhood education system (EYFS – early basic stage) back to China, so that Chinese children can have the opportunity to enjoy the world’s most scientific early childhood education, keeping pace with the world. 

It was important to have a consistent structure for delivering EYFS, and Yu spent a long time looking for quality bilingual software. After doing through research and comparing the products available, Yu decided that the Spark software is the best available in the market.

sparkCHINA is a bilingual software that helps nurseries deliver the high quality EYFS courses to the children. It is based on the English awarding-winning spark

software that is used in the UK and numerous other countries. Spark provides each child with the individualised support to meet each child’s need.

Nursery practitioners find it easy to use to observe and record each child’s learning and development, and the software instantly comes up with each child’s next-steps learning goals. From The observations spark software produces each child’s learning reports automatically.

Insight nursery uses spark to deliver the English EYFS system, and provide the individualized education to each child. All their practitioners are either university students or undergraduate students who have studied overseas, speak fluent English and are extremely passionate about early year’s education. It is a real international and bilingual nursery.

spark gives them clear guidance about how to observe children and what each child should achieve next. The associated package spark@HOME provides a channel between nursery and parents, so the parents know clearly what their children have achieved, what development stage their child is at, and what they should do next. Parents also can observe their child at home and help them to achieve the next goals.

In October 2019, we invited two English nursery experts and managers to visit Insight where they delivered hands-on training to their staff.

After a year of using spark, the team at insight are very happy about it and with our after sales service too.

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