—–“We are located in Shenzhen, China, and at our school we use the spark program in unison with the EYFS framework. And the spark program allows me to document and record everything that my students do. So, if we have a lesson or we have an activity, I can document how my students did during that lesson or activity. Some students are good at some things, some students are better at other things. And so, the spark program lets me keep track of how my students are doing week to week or month to month, term to term. And I can document and get feedback about their progress, things that they are good at, things that they still need help with. And spark allows me to have that all in one place and allows me to see that for each individual student. The EYFS framework has allowed our school to have a very effective and clear set of principles and standards. This way, our teachers can have very specific learning goals for each student, and the spark software helps us achieve those goals.”

” 我们位于中国深圳。在我们的学校里,我们使用spark软件。它与EYFS框架相一致。通过spark,我们可以记录下孩子们所做的一切。在课上或活动中,我可以记录下我的学生在那节课或活动中的表现。有些学生擅长某些事情,有些学生擅长其他的事情。所以,spark让我可以跟踪我的学生每周,每月或每学期的表现。我可以记录他们的进步,他们擅长的事情,他们接下来需要帮助的事情,并得到反馈。spark让我把这些信息都放在一个地方,让我看到每个学生的情况。EYFS框架使我们的学校有了一套非常有效和明确的原则和标准。这样,我们的老师可以为每个学生制定非常具体的学习目标,spark软件帮助我们实现这些目标。”